Asia Travel Guide

Here are many reasons to travel to Asia , including being able to drive on a low budget. Then we have the real motives: cultural shock, landscapes, gastronomy and different customs and being able to be in places with a very powerful historical load, all wrapped in a halo of mysticism.
Having said all this and, considering myself an Asian lover, I propose a series of tips for traveling to Asia :
1. My first recommendation is that the first country should be something "equipped", I would leave India for the second or third. For example, Thailand, where everything is very prepared for tourism or Jordan, next and with many resources, Japan, .
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3. Do not take with you any prejudice, no idea but, above all, do not make comparisons. You are where you are and it is time to enjoy it and the fact that it is totally different from your life is its great attraction.
4. Find out where you're going, read a little about their customs, know what things we should not do we can avoid an uncomfortable situation.
5. Have patience, lots of patience. Do not expect the bus to come out on time, it may or may come out when it is full.
6. Something very important is to be able to adapt to the new circumstances, not everything goes according to plan. And that can be very positive!
7. It respects its culture, its customs, its traditions. Trying to impose yours may simply end up in trouble.

Anuradhapura things to do
8. Giving alms is something that they do very often, especially in Muslim countries, but try to give only to those who give, giving money to children on the street is an action with very large negative repercussions in any country.
9. Get away from the tourist circles, go eat somewhere small where there are only places, you will enjoy it a lot. The same hygiene conditions are not the ones you're used to, just take logical safety measures: no raw food, tap water or ice. Otherwise, no problem. Note that I usually eat salads and only once had a problem, in Varanasi, India, the place of greatest water pollution ... it was a mistake!
10. Find out if there are ATMs or if you have to carry all the money on you. In some countries, such as Iran, international VISA or MASTERCARD cards are not available. Another country is Burma, although things are changing little by little and in a few years plastic may not be useful anywhere.
11. Finally, I recommend that you try to interact with the locals, in general they are people with a lot of desire to talk and to know foreigners. It is not just about knowing the monuments or mountains, people are an important part of a trip.

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