Instantly get a temporary email address

Surely it has happened to you: you arrive at a website or forum, and you need to create a user account to access the content. However, you know that it is possible that there is not what you are looking for, so you are going to create an account that you probably will not use again, and you will have to enter your email.
temporary email website

In those cases, as well as in times when we do not trust the service or directly, we just lose the account, the best thing is to create a temporary email . The following websites allow you to create temporary email accounts , that is, a completely random address is created, and if you close or refresh the page, it disappears and another appears.
More simple impossible, without records, or wait, or enter any data. is the temporary email service I usually use. It's simple, and at the push of a button you'll have a temporary email created.

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