What Is a VPN And How It Can Benefit You?

It goes without saying that nothing that is free is really free. There are always trusses and this is especially true of the internet. "Free" gift services invariably turn out to be platforms for advertisements, emerging malware, data mining and invasion of privacy. Free VPNs are not different. These services can keep you safe from external threats, but with a nefarious intention to keep you isolated and while bombarding your machine with tracking identifiers, fill your screen with pop-up ads and track your browsing habits. Not for educational purposes, but to sell it to someone else. It seems not to achieve the goal, right? I bet you now want to know more about a paid VPN service.

1. VPN without Loss of Speed
One of the biggest drawbacks of free VPNs is strangulation. Yes, that's right, the strangulation. The practice of reducing connection speeds to save bandwidth, one of the key points of network neutrality and one of the five main reasons why you want to use a VPN, is perpetrated by free VPNs. They have to do it, they are buying bandwidth from another person, possibly a white label affiliate network that provides these same services to free VPN throughout the network, and they have limited resources. A paid VPN service like Le VPNHe will never do that. It goes totally against your principles and the mission of the company. If you want to have access without restrictions totally free to the network you need to pay, the good thing is that it only costs a few dollars a month.

2. VPN Without Ads
Malware, pop-ups, advertising, you know, the things that bind to your machine block your view of the web browser and are generally a real nuisance. This is another of the many benefits of a VPN committed by free VPN providers.  access bbc iplayer outside the uk They are not only providing this service. They have to pay servers, networks and bandwidth providers and money does not grow from trees. Grow in your accounts for all the ads that are sending you.

3. The VPN That Does Not Track Web Browsing
Yes, once again your good free VPN is doing something to you that you are trying to protect yourself by using it. When you use a free VPN you never know who is behind it, what their purposes are or what kind of data they are tracking. Sure, the website can say it does not record or track, but can you trust them if you do not know who they are? In the worst case, they will build a complete file from your personal information and that ends with all your browsing habits.

4. No Bottom Service
Free VPNs provide a lower service. Assuming first that the network is actually comparable to one that you would get from a paid service, let's think about this. Free VPNs are an attraction for cyber crime , they are free and keep criminals hidden like them. This means that many of them are already on the IP blacklist, firewalls, malware, networks and websites through the network. The point of using a VPN is to be able to go anywhere you want on the network at any time without loss of speed or data, and the free ones can not provide it.

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